Interac Online

$50 - $1000 Daily min/max


$50 - $1000 Daily min/max

Prepaid Credit Card

$25 - $250 Daily min/max
  • Prepaid Visa & MasterCard - Non-Reloadable
  • Instant Approval
  • Instant Buy
  • 24/7 Access to Prepaid Cards
  • 10,000+ Retail Purchase Locations
  • Mobile Phone Text Verification
  • No Bank Account Required
  • Fee: 20%

* Initial transactions using Interac Online and Flexepin may be held for manual approval until confirmed as legitimate.

Instant Approval

Thanks to mobile PIN verification you can buy up to $1000 per day in just seconds. Weekly and monthly limits may apply.

Zero ID

No ID required, simply confirm your mobile phone number to complete verification.


Prepaid cards & Flexepin vouchers are sold at several locations near you and thousands nation-wide. Popular retailers include 7-11, Esso, Shoppers Drug Mart, your nearest corner store & many more.


Bitcoin never sleeps and neither does Around the clock uptime to meet your buying needs.


It's easy, select your payment option then enter your Bitcoin wallet address, verify your phone number, and proceed to pay with Interac Online, Flexepin or prepaid non-reloadable credit card.

100% Canadian

True to our native land, you are supporting our Bitcoin community and economy with a company that is proudly Canadian.