help you to buy Bitcoin in seconds with Interac Online, Flexepin vouchers and prepaid non-reloadable credit cards.

Most people use because it allows them to buy Bitcoin in seconds without needing to provide physical ID.

You select your payment option from the Home or Buy Bitcoin page to then enter the exact amount of Bitcoin you want to buy or the dollar amount that you would like to process for -- the choice is yours. You'll then enter a Bitcoin wallet address you want to send the Bitcoin to followed by your phone number for mobile SMS verification and press "TEXT ME" in green. After you have entered your mobile SMS code, sent to you via text message, the next page is where you'll create an account by entering profile information and confirming your email address. Now that you have an account you can proceed to the next steps such as instant online verification or directly proceed to complete your order — depending on the payment method you selected.

No. Thanks to instant Equifax verification, submission of physical ID is not required to use our services. When you complete Instant Equifax verification it unlocks access to buy $1500 worth of Bitcoin per 24hrs with Interac Online and $2500 per 24hrs with Flexepin.

Interac Online is where you use your bank card/account to instantly debit funds online for your payment.

Interac Online supports RBC, BMO, TD, Scotia and several credit union debit cards that are not co-badged with a VISA or MasterCard logo on them. Below is a full list of financial institutions that support Interac Online. If your institution is supported but you have co-badged card, you may want to see if you can obtain one of the older client cards, open an account with a new institution that supports Interac Online, or use another payment method like Flexepin vouchers which you can buy online or at a retail location with Visa/MasterCard debit cards.

Acadian Credit Union
Accent Credit Union
Access Credit Union
Affinity Credit Union
Assiniboine Credit Union
BMO Bank of Montreal
Beaubear Credit Union
Blackville Credit Union
Christian Credit Union
Churchbridge Credit Union
Coastal Community Credit Union
Coastal Financial
Columbia Valley Credit Union
Community Credit Union
Community First Credit Union
Copperfin Credit Union
Credit Union Atlantic
Eagle River Credit Union
East Coast Credit Union
Eastern Edge Credit Union
Envision Financial
Évangéline-Central Credit Union
First Nations Bank of Canada
Goodsoil Credit Union
Hamilton Sound Credit Union
Innovation Credit Union
iNova Credit Union
Interior Savings Credit Union
Kindred Credit Union
Kingston Community Credit Union
LaHave River Credit Union
Libro Credit Union
Limestone Credit Union
Luminus Financial
Malpeque Bay Credit Union
Mainstreet Credit Union
NBTA Credit Union
New Ross Credit Union
North Sydney Credit Union
Northern Credit Union
OPPA Credit Union
OMISTA Credit Union
PenFinancial CU
Progressive Credit Union Limited
Prospera Credit Union
Public Service Credit Union
RBC Royal Bank
Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union
Souris Credit Union
St. Joseph’s Credit Union
Sudbury Credit Union
Summerland Credit Union
Sydney Credit Union
Tandia Financial Credit Union
TD Canada Trust
The Police Credit Union
Tignish Credit Union
Toronto Municipal Employees' Credit Union
Valley Credit Union
Venture Credit Union
Victory Credit Union
Windsor Family Credit Union
Your Credit Union

To pay using Interac Online with a $750 daily limit, submitting physical ID is not required, however, you must pass an instant multiple choice online verification test.

For the prepaid credit card payment option, we support any Canadian issued prepaid non-reloadable VISA or MasterCard.

Pre-paid non-reloadable credit cards can be purchased at several locations near you and thousands nation-wide. Popular retailers include 7-11, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, your nearest corner store & many more.

Flexepin is a fast, secure and private method of buying Bitcoin by redeeming a prepaid voucher purchased with Cash or Debit at 1000's of sales outlets Canada-wide or online with debit card here: Once you have purchased your Flexepin voucher featuring a unique 16-digit code, you can redeem it immediately on for instant delivery of your Bitcoin. Follow the steps here to pay with Flexepin.

Equifax eID is an instant online verification system we have in partnership with Equifax Canada where a series of multiple choice questions are displayed based on your credit profile. By successfully answering these questions, your account will be verified, unlocking the ability to buy Bitcoin using Interac Online and boosting your Flexepin limit to $2,500 per 24hrs.

Payment Method Minimum Daily Max Weekly Max Monthly Max
Interac Online $100 $1,500 $10,500 $45,000
Flexepin $100 $2,500 $17,500 $75,000
Prepaid Credit Card $25 $250 $500 $1,000

Limits are based on a rolling 24hr period from the last time coins were sent to your wallet. Feel free to review your account history for a timestamp to reference.

Fee Schedule:

  • Interac Online: 6.75% or $15 minimum, whichever is greater.
  • Flexepin: 6.75% or $15 minimum, whichever is greater.
  • Prepaid Credit Card: 20%.

If you need to buy an exact amount of Bitcoin to pay for something or send to someone then enter that amount of Bitcoin on the "Buy Now" page. Next steps are to enter your Bitcoin wallet address, verify your mobile phone number, complete your profile and proceed to pay with Interac Online, Flexepin or prepaid non-reloadable credit card.

Bitcoin are stored within a Bitcoin wallet.

A Bitcoin wallet is a tool that allows you to take control of your Bitcoin private keys, and can be used to send, receive and store Bitcoins.

After you enter your Bitcoin wallet address on our site and complete your order by pressing "Pay", we automatically send the exact amount of Bitcoin you purchased to the wallet address you provided.

There are many Bitcoin wallet providers to choose from. You'll have to do your own research but was developed in Canada, is quite popular and you can find many other options on

When Buying Bitcoin, we take the dollar amount you are spending, minus the fee and then divide by the rate at which 1 whole Bitcoin is worth to give you the fractional amount of Bitcoin you are to receive. For example, you have $150 to spend minus the fee of $10.13 which leaves $139.87 divided by $3,500 (hypothetical rate for 1 BTC) = 0.03996286 Bitcoin.

Yes. While all first-time transactions are held until manually verified to prevent fraud, all subsequent transactions are sent instantly.

After we send your Bitcoin they begin confirming on its Blockchain. The number of confirmations on the Blockchain each wallet provider requires before they add Bitcoin to your balance vary. In terms of time per confirmation, a good rule of thumb is 10 minutes per confirmation.

It's possible that we have not yet added the mobile provider you are using to our "approved" list. If you feel we should add them then please send us an email with your request — we may ask for additional information. VOIP numbers are not acceptable.

There may have been a communication error at last second between your bank and our payment gateway, causing the transaction to fail. Feel free to try again.

Common reasons might be that your card is reloadable instead of non-reloadable, card is issued from another country other than Canada, or your balance is less than the amount you are trying to process for.
It's also possible that we have not yet added this type of prepaid non-reloadable credit card that you are using to our "approved" list. If you feel it should be added then please send us an email with your request — we may ask for additional information.

Yes, is running on dedicated hardware in one of the most secured Cloud Providers. All communications are encrypted with SSL and Cloudflare provides us with an additional layer of protection. Plus, we never store you credit card information.

Your account history can only be viewed if you are logged in. If you are logged out, you first need to log back in by verifying your phone number via SMS and then clicking on the confirmation link sent to email address you previously verified.

Please use the contact form to see if support can update your profile with your new number. Additional information may be requested to link your profile to your new number.


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