Buy Bitcoin with Canadian Bank Wire Transfer

Bank Wire transfer is the best way to fund your account to buy large amounts of Bitcoin and Ether in Canada. Some Canadian bank accounts allow you to send the transfer online while the majority require you to visit your local brick and mortar branch.

Once we receive your Canadian dollars and your account is funded, you'll then be able to purchase Bitcoin at one of the best CAD to BTC and CAD to ETH market rates.

Buy Now offers next business day funding in most instances when Bank Wire transfers are sent before 4pm EST, making the fastest way to buy larger amounts of crypto in Canada.

It's always better to buy bigger with Bank Wire transfer, so click the red "Buy Now" button above and get some Bitcoins or other Ether the next business day!

How Can I Buy Big Amounts of Bitcoin?

Looking to buy larger amounts of Bitcoin fast?'s bank wire transfer is the preferred payment method for those who need to obtain a bulk volume of bitcoin in a timely manner and enjoy the advantage of a lower fee by sending $10,000 or more in a single transaction.

Verified clients can enjoy the speed of bank wire funding by clicking the red "Email Me" button within the bank wire section of the funding page. Once you've requested bank wire funding, you will be automatically emailed a set of questions you'll need to answer for Compliance. The sooner you reply to this email, the faster we can get you down to the bank with the instructions you'll need to execute the wire transfer.

The bank wire instructions will be emailed to your inbox once our Wealth team receives your reply so you can then print off or download the details the teller at the branch will need to perform wire transfer.

The most important part in funding your account via bank wire is the action of going to your nearest bank branch and completing the wire transfer. Sounds simple enough, right? The most common barrier to next biz day funding is when we see clients wait until the last minute and the bank is closed or waiting until the weekend.

The sooner in the day you complete the bank wire transfer the more likely you'll receive next business day funding. Approximately 95% of wire transfers that arrive next business day are sent before 12 noon in any given timezone Canada-wide. In short, the early bank wire bird gets the bitcoin.

Once the wire has been sent by the teller at your branch, you'll then email a photo of the receipts that you are issued to [email protected]. Once your bank wire arrives we'll populate your account balance immediately with the amount you send minus the fee so you can pull the trigger and buy more bitcoin when you need it.

Remember to contact support with any questions you may have and a member of our Wealth team will be on standby. We'll guide you through the process step by step, one on one so you have the peace of mind that you've sent your wire transfer correctly.

We can't wait to see you skip the line up by receiving your first bulk bitcoin buy, so let's get you started today with!


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