How To Ensure You Are Secure

We’re always striving to keep your account and information secure, as you do too. To obtain the highest level of account security, strongly recommends enabling Google Two-Factor Authentication.

By stacking an additional login credential on top of your email code and SMS text code, your account becomes ultra strong — leaving any third party trying to access your account thwarted.

Simply download Google Authenticator from your device's app store. Now, open the app and press the "+" icon. Then, scan the unique QR code that's generated. If you’re using your mobile device, simply use the clipboard provided to copy and paste your setup key into the appropriate field within the authenticator app.

Once the QR code is scanned or a manual key is entered, input the 6-digit code displayed on your device into the "2FA Code" field on 2FA should now be enabled on your account and you'll be required to enter the 6-digit code before any future logins.

To achieve the strongest level of security, we highly recommend enabling Google 2-Step Verification on your email account as well to ensure your Bitcoin is air-tight and an undesirable target for hackers. Since your email can be a gateway to resetting passwords, hackers usually target your inbox first to gain access to your other important accounts. However, if you have 2FA enabled on both your email and accounts, it's almost impossible for a hacker to gain entry. Being safe and secure couldn’t get any faster and easier!

Feel free to reach out to our helpful staff if you require assistance so we can help get Google 2FA set up on your device and email today. Thank you for choosing!

Published: 2023-03-14


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