How to Buy Bitcoin with Interac e-Transfer

Now that you’ve completed your profile and completed identity verification, it’s time for the fund part! Let’s get you on your way to buying some Bitcoin today!

Funding your account to buy bitcoin using e-Transfer is by far the most popular method of payment. Most people are already familiar with navigating Interac’s e-Transfer product within their online banking from sending friends or family cash electronically.

The first step is to view the Interac e-Transfer instructions located on the funding page. Click the red “View Instructions” button for the Interac e-Transfer option.

Now, Login to your online banking and locate the section to add a new Interac e-Transfer recipient. Please note that the Interac e-Transfer must be sent from your personal bank account bearing your first and surname.

Use the details provided in the Interac e-Transfer Instructions such as Recipient Name, Recipient Email, and the Security Question & Answer that you are viewing. Please use the provided clipboard to copy and paste the information. Using the clipboard makes the process faster and more accurate so you don’t experience a delay due to a typo or different question we don’t know your answer to. Make sure you copy and paste the security question and answer exactly as displayed without adding any question mark, spaces or other characters.

Once you’ve entered the details we’ve provided and followed the prompts within your online banking, you can successfully add to your Interac e-Transfer recipient list. You can double check your list of recipients to ensure we’re there and ready to rock!

Now, select which bank account and the amount you’d like to send via e-Transfer to fund your account. The minimum is $30.00 and maximum depends on your bank account. Most e-Transfer daily limits are 2 to 3 thousand dollars per rolling 24 hours although some accounts or businesses allow up to 10 thousand dollars per single transaction. Feel free to phone the bank by calling the number on the back of your debit card to request a temporary limit increase for Interac e-Transfer. If you have more than one bank account with funds, you can always send from each to get more Bitcoin today.

If you want to buy more bitcoin than your banking limits will allow for, please contact support immediately and our friendly staff will troubleshoot your unique scenario and work with you to find solutions that fit your buying needs.

Once you’ve selected the amount and account, fire away! Interac e-Transfer will arrive either instantly or in exactly 30 minutes — depending on the account and bank. Once arrived, auto accept intelligence will process your funding in approximately 5 minutes and you will receive an email notification immediately once your account balance has been populated.

If you need to easily navigate back to the funding page, click the URL link sent to you in the body of the email notification. The link will take you directly to the funding page where we’ll show you how to use your balance to create an order..

Check out our next video that will instruct you how to complete your order for Bitcoin today!

Published: 2023-02-27


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