Corporate Account Verification for Bitcoin & Ether

As a verified individual with, you’ve weighed the benefits and are ready to take charge and onboard your company. This way you can use funds from your business account to buy Bitcoin and Ether. Now it’s time to complete the corporate onboarding application form. Let’s show you how:

Once you’ve logged into your account — head over to the upper right hand corner of your screen and hover over the “Account” section to the far right side. Select the “Verification” option from the dropdown menu.

Scroll down the verification page to the “CORPORATE CLIENT VERIFICATION” section and click the red “Continue” button.

Now enter the name of your business as it appears on your corporate documentation. Then, enter the website for your business. It’s important that you match the information exactly as it appears on your documentation, doing so will save you time.

You’ll then be asked to enter a description of your business and why you’re transacting with crypto using corporate funds. It’s important to be as descriptive as possible using as much detail as needed in order to ensure a streamlined processing of your application. Doing so will get your company set up fast and efficiently.

When entering the reason why your company is buying crypto, it’s equally as important to help us fully understand the purpose and nature of your account. Some examples would be to send or receive payments, to hold as an investment on your company's balance sheet instead of holding cash which can be subject to inflation, or adding to your company's portfolio for possible tax deferred investments or savings. Once you’ve completed this step, please continue.

Now enter your business address. It's best to use the address that's also featured on a proof of business address document like a bank statement or utility bill. Proceed by selecting the entity type from the dropdown menu. Click the “Next” button to move on and enter your business registration number which is usually located on your federal or provincial incorporation and business documents. Note: This is NOT your CRA tax BN number.

Enter the registration date of your business that matches your documentation. You can now enter your 9 digit federal business registration number that you should have registered with the CRA for tax purposes. Contact our staff if you have any questions, and attach screenshots to help us visualize the document you’re referencing so we can help guide you.

We’ll now ask that you list the beneficial owners so you can add the names and addresses of all the directors AND persons/entities who own or control, directly or indirectly, 25 percent or more of the shares of the business entity. If you are onboarding a trust: add all trustees and all known beneficiaries and settlers of the trust. Please enter the beneficial owner’s name, role or position, if they’re a politically exposed person like a government official, military leader, judge or political leader. Add the % of ownership and their address. If there is more than one beneficial owner, click the red “Save+Add” button. When you’re done adding the beneficial owners and their respective information, click the red “Done” button.

Congratulations! Your business application has now been submitted! Please standby while our staff processes so you can start buying Bitcoin and Ether using your company’s business accounts’ funds.

Once your business has been approved you will be notified immediately so you can lock in your first corporate trade with!

Published: 2023-03-09


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