Completing Your Order for Bitcoin

Congratulations! You’ve funded your account and are now ready to pull the trigger and buy some bitcoin. Let’s take a minute here and show you just how fast and easy buying bitcoin can be.

After you’ve logged in successfully, hover over and press the “Account” dropdown menu in the top right hand corner of your screen. Select the first option to be sent directly to the funding page where you’ll be able to buy bitcoin in seconds. The funding page is your bitcoin buying battlestation and the place to be so you can start an order and send bitcoin to your destination wallet address.

Since you now have a balance in your account, you will see the option to “Use My Balance” or “Spend” on the page. Both options will take you over to the order page so you can buy some bitcoin. Pick one & Click one!

You’re now on the order page where it will ask you to “Start Your Order”. Enter the dollar amount of Bitcoin you would like to process from your balance within the “Amount to Process” field. You can select any amount of your balance ranging from the $20 minimum to whatever your balance amount is — you can always press the “MAX BITCOIN” button provided to spend your entire balance. In Satoshi’s case, this amount is $922.50. You will see in the “Amount to Buy” field the amount of bitcoin that will be sent to your wallet, also known as the net amount.

Once you’ve chosen the desired amount of bitcoin you’d like to buy and send to your destination wallet address, enter the wallet address into the appropriate field. Now, enter your phone number into the “Verify Phone Number” section and click the green “Text Me” button to have your SMS code sent to your phone. Remember, do not give this code to anyone else ever. If someone is asking you for this code, you’re likely being scammed or used as a money mule.

After pressing "Text Me" and entering your mobile PIN, you'll lock-in the live rate and be able to complete your order. Now click the red “Checkout” button to buy bitcoin today.

You’ll now arrive on the “Confirm your Order” page which is the last step where you can review your order details to ensure the information, amount, live rate and wallet address are all accurate and to your satisfaction. When you’re ready to execute the buy, press the red “Confirm” button.

Transaction Complete! You did it, you have now purchased your bitcoin and it will be delivered to the wallet address you’ve entered. You’re the proud new owner of some fresh bitcoin. Enjoy!

Published: 2023-03-01


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