Why Do Binance Canada Customers Use MyBTC.ca?

MyBTC.ca has been helping Canadians fund their Binance.com trading accounts for years — allowing the user to trade faster and more efficiently. Speed is an incredibly valuable factor in cryptoland and we understand how important delivery time is when executing trades and taking advantage of volatility in this market. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons Binance clients have been choosing MyBTC.ca to fund their trading accounts.

Support When You Need It!

When a technical issue arises that affects your trading capabilities, troubleshooting via support is paramount. MyBTC.ca operates on the ground floor and offers high-touch, high-value customer service. Our belief is that if you’re close to your business, success will follow. If our clients are successful, we’ll benefit as an organization. Waiting 3 days to receive an email reply is akin to waiting 3 years so we’ve separated our model from the pack — we even phone our clients. That’s right, a real live human being will phone you to discuss your ticket upon request. This is a service most Canadian brokerages and exchanges don’t offer.

Faster Verification Times

Binance.com posts a 10 day turnaround time for intermediate & advanced verification levels which are needed to buy crypto with debit/credit cards in amounts greater than $360 CAD.

However, with MyBTC.ca offering speedy verification within 1 hour and usually no longer than 24 hours, you can still buy bitcoin quickly from MyBTC.ca and send it to your Binance account immediately — there are no crypto deposit or trading limitations set for your “Basic” account level granted upon signing up.

An agent from MyBTC.ca will phone each new onboarded client to personally welcome them to our space while ensuring we do our part to help the community defend against fraud and deter nefarious actors. These measures help Binance clients execute trades faster so there is less chance of being left behind on the next big price movement.

Canada’s Quickest Fiat Onramp/Offramp For Binance Accounts

As part of knowing our clients, MyBTC.ca listens to Canadians who are struggling to fund their Binance trading accounts. The most common roadblock is the ability to add CAD directly to their Binance account using the payment methods and options on the Binance platform. Credit/Debit Card funding seems to be incompatible with many Canadian financial institutions and many credit cards are now being blocked by the providers. If a credit card is accepted on Binance, the transaction can be subject to cash advance fees and lower limits which can leave those bullish searching for better options.

Ready to sell your profits acquired on Binance? Another remedy provided is the MyBTC.ca sell side which lets you cash-out via Interac e-Transfer in amounts as little as $20 or as much as $10,000, often within an hour so you can enjoy the fruits of your trading.

Ultra-Popular Interac e-Transfer

MyBTC.ca offers Interac e-Transfer funding for up to $10,000 per 24 hours once verified — giving traders, HODLers and speculators more purchasing power quickly and easily. The e-Transfer payment method offered by MyBTC.ca is user-friendly and familiar. Customers love that this popular funding solution is 100% compatible with all Canadian banks and credit unions.

In addition, we’ve integrated the auto-accept smart technology that allows MyBTC.ca clients to receive the fastest funding and delivery time possible. This gives Binance users the ability to swap BTC for other cryptos, buy on margin, trade on leverage and stake across Binance’s platform within minutes. 

Higher Limits Immediately

Once you’ve onboarded with MyBTC.ca you’ll be able to enjoy higher limits immediately after being verified. As it can take days if not weeks to become verified for limits higher than $360 CAD on Binance, clients are delighted to see they can get same-day funding with attractive high limits via MyBTC.ca.

When Canadian Binance users are ready to sell their Bitcoin, they know it can be difficult to withdraw Canadian dollars (CAD) from Binance which is mostly a crypto-to-crypto trading platform. MyBTC.ca/sell helps expedite the process by accepting client’s Bitcoin (BTC) sent directly from their Biance trading account to be sold automatically after 2 confirmations on the blockchain. Selling your Bitcoin has never been easier for Canadians from coast to coast!

We’re happy to fill the gaps with Binance so that you can benefit from a seamless end-to-end trading experience exchanging Canadian dollars with MyBTC.ca, to crypto with Binance and back into Canadian dollars again with MyBTC.ca.

Contact support today with any questions you have and our friendly staff will assist you while catering to your specific needs.


Published: 2021-06-14


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