What’s The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index?

The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index (BFGI) is a tool that was created to help investors understand the sentiment surrounding the world's largest cryptocurrency. It is designed to provide a measure of market sentiment, with a value of 0 indicating extreme fear and a value of 100 indicating extreme greed.

Calculated by using a combination of various factors, including market volatility, social media activity, and trading volume, the index arrives at its daily rating. These factors are weighted and combined to produce a single value that represents the current sentiment of the market.

The highest rating since the BFGI began recording was on June 29th, 2019, with a Greed Score of 95/100 as seen on this interactive chart. This was a time when the Facebook Libra project hype was seducing risk takers while the price was climbing to only seen once before heights before sharply correcting. June 19th, 2022, saw the lowest score recorded since tracking began at the beginning of 2018. That was when the BTC price took a steep dive below $20,000 USD for the first time since December of 2020.

The idea behind the BFGI is that when investors are feeling greedy, they are more likely to take risks and make impulsive decisions. Conversely, when they are feeling fearful, they tend to be more conservative and cautious. By tracking the index, investors can get a sense of whether the market is overbought or oversold and adjust their investment strategies accordingly.

The BFGI has gained popularity in recent years as a way for investors to gauge the sentiment of the market and make more informed decisions. It is often used as a contrarian indicator, with a high reading indicating that the market may be overheated and due for a correction, while a low reading suggests that the market may be undervalued and ripe for investment.

Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index Twitter account, which has over 667K followers, posts regular updates which have hovered in the mid-high 20’s for weeks now in tandem with the stagnant BTC price of Q4 2022 and beyond.

Source: Twitter @BitcoinFear

While the index can be a useful tool for investors, it is important to note that it is not a foolproof indicator. Like all indicators, it is subject to interpretation and should be used in conjunction with other forms of analysis. Additionally, it is based on a limited set of data points, which means that it may not always accurately reflect the overall sentiment of the market.

Despite these limitations, the BFGI remains a popular and widely used tool among cryptocurrency investors. By tracking it regularly, investors can get a sense of the overall sentiment of the market and make more informed decisions about when to buy and sell their investments.

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Published: 2023-01-06


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