Bodog for Cryptocurrency Withdrawals in Canada

Bodog offers a compelling method for Canadian players to manage their online casino, sports betting and gaming accounts using Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Here’s a detailed guide on how Bodog’s BTC and ETH payout methods work and how provides a level-up service for Canadian users looking to buy and sell crypto when using

Bodog's BTC and ETH Payout Methods

Fast Withdrawals: Bodog ensures quick and secure withdrawals using a variety of cryptocurrency options including bitcoin and ether which are compatible with the platform. Once your withdrawal request is approved (typically within 24 to 48 hours — oftentimes faster) the BTC or ETH within your Bodog online account will be transferred to the receiving wallet you input almost instantly. This makes cryptocurrency one of the fastest withdrawal options available on Bodog.

To fully understand the value of speed when withdrawing funds via Bitcoins or Ether from your Bodog account to, watch the following comparison video below. The question is; do you want your funds now or in 10-15 days? 🤣

Withdrawal Limits

Bodog does have limits on cryptocurrency withdrawals, but they’re quite high and satisfactory for most Canadian players. For Bitcoin, the minimum withdrawal amount is typically around $10, while the maximum can reach up to $9,500 per transaction, with a weekly cap that might apply depending on your VIP status and account activity. For Ethereum, similar limits apply, ensuring that users can access their winnings efficiently. If utilizing both BTC & ETH withdraw options — you can double your withdrawal amounts. Take a look at Bodog’s entire schedule of withdrawal limits here.

Why Choose for Your Crypto Transactions? is the fastest and most reliable platform for Canadians to buy and sell BTC and ETH, which is perfect for funding your Bodog account or cashing out your winnings. Here’s why:

  • Unique Wallet Address for Each Transaction: Bodog mandates you send to a different address for each withdrawal. Thankfully, unlike other exchanges, we can generate a new wallet address for you each time so that you are not hung up and can actually withdraw all of your winnings using a single exchange.
  • Speed and Convenience: ensures rapid transactions, allowing you to get your crypto into your Bodog account or cash out your winnings into Canadian dollars fast!
  • User-Friendly Platform: The platform is designed with ease of use in mind, making it simple even for beginners to navigate and complete transactions.

Game Time? Send BTC or ETH to Bodog from

How to Use with Bodog

Funding Your Account: To fund your Bodog account, purchase BTC or ETH from Once purchased, transfer the cryptocurrency to your Bodog wallet. View the details and instructions outlined by Bodog here to help guide you.

Need more buying power? Bodoggers in a pinch buy BTC or ETH with their credit or debit cards here.

Cashing Out: When ready to cash out your winnings, request a BTC and/or ETH withdrawal from Bodog and send it to us to sell the BTC or ETH on to convert it back to Canadian dollars quickly and easily like a Bodogger pro!

Watch the following YouTube video for instructions on how to sell your BTC or ETH fast by tapping the image below:

By leveraging the services of, Canadian players can enjoy a seamless and secure experience managing their funds on Bodog. Whether you're depositing to play or withdrawing your winnings, is your 100% Canadian go-to platform for bitcoin and ethereum cryptocurrency transactions related to online gaming.

Good luck and enjoy responsibly!

Published: 2024-07-09


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